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'Star Wars' parody: 'Galactic Empire State of Mind'

Friday, April 30, 2010 by Amber

Morning -- short post today since I gotta register my car!

Here's that 'Star Wars' list I promised you -- just in case you all were still laughing from the 'Granite State of Mind' video from last time. Not that I would blame you -- I totally watched it again this morning. Never gets old... Sigh.

'--Are you a ‘Star Wars’ geek? Do you have a Millennium Falcon sitting on a shelf high above the grasping, sticky hands of kids? Do you secretly want someone to buy you a Taun Taun Sleeping Bag form ThinkGeek.com? (Side note: Who *doesn’t*?) Then I’ve got a fun top 10 list for you.'

Also, something new: Here is a 'Star Wars' parody of Jay-Z's 'Empire State of Mind' ... not quite as funny as the NH one, but more reaching a broader audience, I suppose :) ... Speaking of broads, I still give the edge to the NH chick over the Leia one. Sorry, dudes. Enjoy!

Oh, and I found 'Vampire State of Mind' about the Twilight series while I was looking ... Dude. Lame.

Anyway, see you all Monday!

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You Might Even See a Moose...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by Amber

I woke up this morning, and it was snowing. For real. And temps are predicted to rise into the 80s this weekend. Only in New England can the weather be so drastically different in 3 days.

I need coffee, a long wooly cardigan and some entertainment, stat.

Here are some of my current top picks:

--I live in New Hampshire – and I’m proud of it. This viral video, ‘Granite State of Mind,’ which has more than 1M hits on YouTube and growing, is a hysterical parody of Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind.’ Maybe you have to live here to get it, but it’s still well worth the 4 minutes. The guy is great – so serious and stoic while also being comedic – and the Alicia Keys’ counterpart is … well, I know quite a few men who say they’d leave their wives for her. Great voice, too.

--In Stephen Hawking’s most recent interview, he discloses that aliens are indeed real – but we should stay the eff away from them. Why is it that everything Hawking says is taken as the ultimate truth? Oh yeah. Because he’s the *man*.

--Got 45 minutes during lunch to spare since LOST decided to get all DB on us last night with a Richard Alpert repeat? I humbly suggest this … well, I’m not really sure what to call it. It’s like a music video and a scrolling graphic novel and a ‘Yellow Submarine’-ish trip into someone’s wacky, beautiful mind. There is a story there, if you have the patience to look for it.

MARCH 3 from Jake Lodwick on Vimeo.

Check it out, even if you only have a few minutes. It’s mesmerizing and colorfully surreal – but BE SURE to watch it on full screen mode and, if you have headphones, use them.

--Are you a ‘Star Wars’ geek? Do you have a Millennium Falcon sitting on a shelf high above the grasping, sticky hands of kids? Do you secretly want someone to buy you a Taun Taun Sleeping Bag form ThinkGeek.com? (Side note: Who *doesn’t*?) Then I’ve got a fun top 10 list for you.

--Speaking of Star Wars … Straight out of ‘Star Wars: Attack of the Clones’: Japan is launching a spaceship equipped with a solar sail – yes, just like the one Obi Wan used to get to Kamino. It’s thinner than a human hair and cost more than $16M. Psh, ‘Clones’ did more than that in the first minute of ticket sales.*
*This is not true. I’m joking.

--OK, I know I was going for an ‘entertainment’ theme today, but this story needs to be told: Have you tried to return a broken iPhone only to be told it’s not covered under warranty anymore because the internal sensor indicated it got wet? According to this pending lawsuit, that sensor can be triggered in the cold, in humid conditions and simply by sweating near the headphone jack while working out. That doesn’t sound exactly like ‘submersion’ to me, either.

That’s all for me today. The snow is all melted, and I’m ready to emerge from the very last (hopefully) snowstorm of Spring 2010.

Watch those two videos – I promise you’ll love them. You might even see a moose.

-- am

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Weekend recovery with a twist of tech

Monday, April 26, 2010 by Amber

Good morning, everyone! I treated myself to that ‘industrial’ piercing over the weekend – let me just say this: Stupidity should be painful. And it was.

However it’s also super cute, so the fiery pain and the tattooed piercer wielding two 14-gauges – who had to put some muscle into it to actually get the job done – was worth it in the end. Now I just have to come up with a new name for it: An ‘industrial’ just doesn’t do the adorable-ness of the final product justice.

Anyway, enough with the talk of my own crazy attempts to feel cool at 30 – onto some headlines!

--Whoa. Look at Tom and Gisele’s new mega-mansion in LA. It’s … well, see for yourself, then vote in Captivate’s online poll. I’m interested to hear your take – especially considering she’s the United Nation’s goodwill ambassador for the environment.

--Money is going 3-D. No, seriously : - )

--I told you about NASA’s new images of the sun. They really are beautiful.

--Here’s a silly list of the 10 worst jobs in science – strangely entertaining in a gross-out kinda way.

--OMG, Apple apparently was pissed over the whole leaked-iPhone thing: They’ve gotten the local police involved. Yikes … someone’s getting fired …

--Aww man. Now how am I going to watch LOST during my lunch break?

--I seriously almost bought one of these over the weekend. I may still do it for my mom as a Mother’s Day/Birthday gift. Despite all her B&C to the contrary, I know she’d love it.

--A new frontier has opened on the laziness horizon: For those of you whose arms get tired of steering and whose feet would rather recline than push the accelerator (and I do know a lot of you), here’s your solution.

--Check out the newest video blog/report from our friends at CNet, featuring how flash and the iPhone no longer mix.

OK, I have to go put some sterile salt-water solution on my ear to douse the fire. Stupidity does indeed hurt – the things we do to be cute. See you back here Wednesday for some more hot headlines…


'Back to the Future'-style geek love makes our day!

Friday, April 23, 2010 by Amber

Someone has a case of the Fridays! Let’s check out everything that’s going on this week in the world or sci-tech gadgetry and mayhem!

--Breaking news (as of yesterday): Target is going to start selling Amazon.com’s Kindle! If you’ve ever been curious about the e-reader, this is your chance to get your hands on it and try it before smacking down the big bucks.

--NASA announced some spectactular new satellite images of the sun. Scary stuff.

--Microsoft’s Windows 7 is doing some great things sales-wise!

--Want a new touch-screen phone but unsure of what to get? Here’s a review pitting the iPhone against the much-hyped HTC Incredible.

--Speaking of the iPhone … here is a funny story on the new prototype of the iPhone 4G. Apparently, there was a huge leak of information and even photos, but Apple’s mediocre reaction has diffused most of the speculation … which wasn’t that big in the first place. Like I said, it’s a pretty funny situation : - )

--Hehehe Here’s more on the prototype iPhone. Apparently Gizmodo paid $5,000 to acquire the model, but decided to return it to Apple, thus confirming it was a leak.

--Want to watch the 2010 NFL Draft but can’t because of that pesky job of yours? You can watch it online and get updates sent to your cell – here’s how.

--Awww! Who says geeks don’t understand romance? This story is so sticky sweet it’s almost too much! And, PS – I love Back to the Future!!

--It’s official: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 had the best launch in video-game history. I’ve heard some amazing things but have yet to see it in person. I’m just not a FPS kinda girl.

--Barnes and Noble has released a big update for the Nook. Gee, wonder what I’ll be getting my mom for her birthday?? : - )

OK, I’m tapped out for the week. Is it quittin’ time yet on this gorgeous spring Friday? Just a few more hours and we’re all free to enjoy the weekend! See you back here Monday ….

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Byte-Sized's Random Top 30 List

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by Amber

Ho hum … it’s just another normal day here at Byte-Sized … except that it’s totally not!

Happy birthday to me! I have officially joined the ranks of the 30-somethings, a fact made painfully clear when I filled out a customer satisfaction survey this morning and had to click the 30-34 age bracket box. Sigh.

But, onwards and upwards. I want to celebrate with you all by offering up some of my favorite things, accrued over a looong time in the industry and sitting behind this desk. Without further ado, I give you…

Byte-Sized’s Random Top 30 List
Sponsored by Amber’s 30th birthday

30.) Best Camcorder-style Gadget: The Flip Mino HD. It’s small, it’s portable, and you can totally video yourself doing a newscast while not looking ridiculous. Kudos to you, tiny little camera of wonder!

29.) Best Coffee Drink: Starbucks’ double-tall, sugar-free vanilla soy latte, no whip. And, yes, that’s how you order it. Get that in a recyclable mug and you’re good to go for hours, plus you’re being healthful and environmentally aware. Thanks.

28.) Best Book Series: Harry Potter. I’m probably the biggest fan you’re going to find. Heck, I named my two sons after them (no, they’re not Harry and Ron). There are no words to properly describe how affected I was by the books, so I’m going to stop trying and simply insist that all those who have not yet read the series go away.

27.) Best Bumper Sticker: ‘My Other Ride is a Silver Volvo.’ Short, sweet, and with a ton of hidden meaning. Runners up include ‘I drive like a Cullen’ and an oval stocker that says, ‘d20.’

26.) Favorite Geeky Accessory: Glasses. I sport them, as do all the best alter-egos. You could also go with a tweed jacket or a fedora worn with jeans and a video-game tee, but I’d steer clear of pocket protectors. Speaking of which …

25.) Best Comic Book t-shirt: Sheldon’s Flash t-shirt on the Big Bang Theory. Bazinga! It was a tough call, but I gotta go with the catchphrase. And, did you hear Mayim Bialik will be guesting as a love interest? Way!

24.) Best mp3 Player: Zune HD. Shocker, I know. The bright, bold color display and the touch screen are top-notch, as it the interface and control mechanisms. I just really like this silly thing, and the fact that I can now aux-in in my car really tips the scales it its favor.

23.) Best TV Show-Comedy: Arrested Development and Friends – tie. I couldn’t decide, then I remembered that it’s my list and I make the rules : - )

22.) Best Vampire Book Series: The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. There were lots to choose from here, but I’m going old-school. These books were the originals – they hooked me when I was a kid, and Lestat and Louis are still the hottest vamps ever to grace the page and the big screen. Tom and Brad in the same scene? Come on now!

21.) Best Video Game Series: Zelda. Link is the man. I’d follow his little elf butt anywhere. Except back to where ever that ‘Windwaker’ nonsense took place. What the hell was that?

20.) Best TV Show-Drama: LOST. I. Can’t. Miss. An. Episode. I’m like an addict waiting for her next fix. Never has a TV show made its viewers feel so smart and so stupid all in the same 60 minutes. Brilliant.

19.) Best Summer Shoes: FitFlops. OK, so random. I know; that’s the point. I wear these work-out flip flips all the time, and I swear they work.

18.) Best Smartphone: Blackberry. I can’t go a day without mine, though I resisted the temptation for years. Thank goodness for my constant link to email, facebook and my address list.

17.) Best Techno Song: ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City. Here’s a link to the video. I could literally listen to ‘Ocean Eyes’ on repeat for hours – and every time, I hear something new hidden underneath the melodies. Enjoy.

16.) Most Indulgent TV Show: Vampire Diaries. It’s like mixing ‘Dawson’s Creek’ with ‘Twilight’ … only infinitely better. Thursday nights rock.

15.) Best At-Work Snack Food: Dark chocolate covered raisins and almonds. I don’t have a preference here as to brand or variety, I just know that I keep them on hand at all times so I don’t raid the office candy bowl. And, the ingredients are totally good for you.

14.) Best French-Fry Recipe: Yucca Fries, featured today at Captivate.com/Cooking. A close second would be the French-Canadian marvel that is poutine – fries with melted cheese and gravy on top. OMG, I could swim in a pool of them.

13.) Best Comic Book Movie Hero: Christian Bale. Holy hotness, Batman. In the first movie, when he hauled up that crooked cop and screamed in his face, did anyone else fall out of their chair? Just me? Gotcha.

12.) Best Name For a Car: Us girls in the office like to name our cars. Topping the list is the Infinity called Denzel Washington Jr.; the black Honda del Sol named Pepper; and Azula, my gray Honda CR-V. Yeah, we’re a fun bunch of chicks : - )

11.) Best Band: Green Day. They started off as a punk band from Oakland and turned into the anthem for America’s youth. There isn’t an album of theirs that isn’t amazing – not to mention that ‘American Idiot’ opened on Broadway last night!

10.) Best Workout Song: ‘Bad Romance’ by Lady Gaga. Our workout blogger insists anything by the queen of dysfunctional fashion rocks her sneaker-clad feet. Take her advice – she’s kind-of awesome. Here’s a link to the video. Enjoy.

9.) Best RPG: Dungeons and Dragons. Fresh from the stale basements of geeks around the world, the game has moved from a movement in the 80s to a quiet wave in the 90s, and in the past two years has truly become something amazing. My 11th level drow rogue and I salute you!

8.) Best TV Show-SciFi: True Blood. Here’s where Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series gets its shout-out. I mean, if there wasn’t a single character on this show who wasn’t stunning beautiful, I’d think I’d drop dead, too. 'Firefly' was a close second ... oh, Nathan Fillion ...

7.) Most Indulgent Celebrity Website: PerezHilton.com. Hi, my name is Amber, and I'm an addict. I wish I could stop ... but I can't.

6.) Best Cubicle Decoration/Gadget: USB Glitter Lamp. It flashes different colors and shoots sparks on the walls like a pint-sized disco ball. So, it leaks a little – so what? It’s cute!

5.) Most Adorable Video Game Hero: Ezio from Assassin’s Creed II. Maybe it’s the accent. Maybe it’s the wall jumping. Maybe it’s the Italian brothels in the heart of Venice. Who knows? All I care about is that I could fall asleep to that game every night.

4.) Coolest Web Celebrity: iCarly. I don't know about you, but I love this chick. She's everything that's cool about being a cool girl on the internet. Yes, I am aware she's a fake character with a fake web show. Don't care. I totally fess up to watching every new episode.

3.) (coming soon)

2.) Best Source for News at Work: Captivate Network. We’re in the elevators, dude! How cool is that? And, with the new Captivate.com, you can browse the headlines at your desk!

1.) Favoritest Blogger With Pink Hair: Me! Well, what did you expect, really?

… aaaand scene : - )

Think I’m missing something? Hit me up at ByteSized@captivate.com and let me know.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, and we’ll see you all back here Friday!


Running with gadgets

Monday, April 19, 2010 by Amber

Morning all! I’ve got the Boston Marathon on the office TV, and I’m snacking on jelly beans to feel at one with the runners. Me? I don’t run unless chased, and even then I’m weighing my options.

Leisurely stroll with me through the headlines?

--Geneticists discovered that inducing biological conditions similar to living in high altitudes can make mice thinner. What’s this mean? There might be a reason people Denver are less likely to have diabetes and are generally cuter in their ski suits. True story.

--Turns out, Pres. Obama doesn’t want to go to the Moon because he wants to go to Mars. I say: Way to aim high Mr. Prez, but shouldn’t we train a bit before tackling the marathon?

--Hey, recycle your e-waste, k?

--This video review pits a Kindle, and iPad and a Nook in a three-way ‘Who’s the best’ challenge. My interest in this topic is waning – can’t we all just agree that e-readers are all an awesome option and standardize the industry already? Sheesh.

--One of my all-time fave gadgets, the Flip MinoHD, has been re-thunk and redesigned as a touch-screen SlideHD. I’m totally interested. You?

--Tech is helping to fuel green businesses, and this makes me happy.

OK, so I don’t need much (much) fanfare, but my next post will be Wednesday -- on my 30th birthday.

I’m coping fairly well and will be celebrating with refreshing the pink/green dye in my hair, getting a cool ear piercing called an ‘industrial’ and having my family and friends over for a bash at my expense.

Until that fateful day, have a good week :-)

Right now, though, I’m going to pop in some more jelly beans and finish watching the Boston Marathon!



Spicy meets sweet!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 by Amber

It's Hell Night! Wait, you all have no idea what that means. OK, so tonight I'm headed into Boston for the East Coast Grille's Hell Night of super-spicy food made for the singular purpose of seeing how hot I can go. It's gunna be epic. Until then, I'm warming my taste buds up with a dash of cayenne in my mac and cheese ... and a healthy dose of headlines:

-In honor of one of my favorite holidays, Earth Day, I challenge all you coffee-loving geeks: Step up and do your part. I did.

-I loves me some Michael J. Fox. Did you know he's a high-school dropout? I don't care, I still think he's awesome.

-The US is essentially grounding the space program, and that makes me really sad. And angry.

-AT&T is hanging up the sword in the wireless war with Verizon. Does this mean no more Luke Wilson? (Fingers crossed.)

-I'm feeling science-y today apparently: The deepest undersea volcanic vent has been found -- I can't wait for the show on it!

-Twitter-roonie has a business model -- oh, our little social network is all growed up! But,what do all those ads mean to you?

-So, you have an iPad. Now what? I'll share some cool apps ... as long as you promise to never, ever say you 'pimped your Pad' like this story does. Shudder.

-Google Street View has been blamed for a burglary. I'm just surprised it's taken this long.

-I kinda want one of these phones. Not sure why, but I am totally feeling them.

-This story on digital parenting actually strikes a chord with me. Cute kids are one thing, attention-seeking parents is quite another.

OK, blame it on the capsaicin in my breakfast making my mouth all spicy ... but you're all going to have to bare with me for a minute for a rant I probably shouldn't do. No scratch that -- I'm a smart girl and I *know* I shouldn't be saying this about my big sister/cousin over at USAToday's stellar website ... But would someone please take Pop Candy's Whitney aside and tell her that the 'Pop Five' feature is duuuumb? 'Pop Five episodes of Columbo'? Really? I hesitate to even link there lest I accidentally kill a few of your brain cells. Granted, I can't get you all to write in to me with ideas unless I'm giving something away, so kudos to her on the awesome fan base, but there has to be more interesting topics out there than one random person's 'Pop Five Concert Experiences.' But even when they're good topics, the lists are unreasonably obscure and mundane -- which, correct me if I'm wrong, flies directly in the face and idea of 'pop culture.' Alas, maybe the feature is going through a stale period (maybe? psh), but let's rev the engine and move on! Oh, and if anyone does mention this to Whit, please also mention that I think she's adorable and I love Tattoo Tuesdays. K, thanks.

Wish me fun tonight at Hell Night! We'll be taking Friday off here at Byte-Sized for a much-deserved vacay .. see you back here Monday!


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GelaSkins review: Beauty before Function?

Friday, April 9, 2010 by Amber

I’m not the kind of klutz who trips over her own stilettos. I do not spill drinks, nor do I dribble food down my belly. I can wear a white shirt and drink a wobbly cup of coffee in 60 mph traffic, no prob.

Here’s the thing, though: I drop stuff. Namely, electronic gadgets. Constantly. I busted a hole straight through the carbonite-like casing I bought for my Blackberry. Heck, I killed that thing so badly it wouldn’t snap shut anymore. And, when I drop something, I don’t drop it on the back or side – nah, I get the corners every time.

So far, only my phone has suffered any lasting damage from slippery fingers, but that’s only made me extra vigilant with my other gadgets. Even so, thank goodness for padded floors at my gym, or else I would be crying tears of sorrow over my Kindle and Zune. Thus, when I came across GelaSkins’ line of sticky vinyl covers for electronics made to eliminate scratches, I was over the moon! Dare I believe this was the answer to my klutziness?!

I tested the Kindle 2 “My Bookshelf” GelaSkin ($19.95) and the iPhone “Almond Branches in Bloom” ($14.95) GelaSkin, and here’s what I think:

GelaSkins come in a ton of varieties in the most beautiful, bold colors you've ever seen. There are romantic ones, post-apocalyptic ones, ones that reflect abstract art, legendary art and incredibly creative illustrations – all in color ranges from simple black and white to photorealistic and even surreal. And, in real life, the visual appeal of the ‘Skins do not disappoint. They are rich and shiny and gorgeous. My Kindle and Jacqui’s iPhone have never looked better – I mean, just look at the pictures.

This, however, is where my love affair comes to a somewhat gentle end.

GelaSkins are, at their essence, stickers – thick, vinyl stickers that aren’t prone to tearing and are robust enough to stop surface scratches, for sure. But, in the end, you have to peel them off a big sheet of 3M paper, place them on the device and hope you’ve got it lined up properly the first time.

Bubbles in placement are not a real concern, provided you went to kindergarten and know how to work stickers. But, use caution, wash your hands and be freaking careful because, as I discovered, you only get one shot.

Wait, I messed up – can I have another one? Yeah, about that … no. It is clearly labeled and advertised that you can remove and re-stick a GelaSkin if you accidentally make a bubble or are off in your placement by a few millimeters (which makes a *huge* different when you’re dealing with teeny little gadget controls) but I recommend that you do not. The front Kindle ‘Skin was fairly intricate and picky when it came to placement, and when I inevitably messed up, I picked and peeled back a corner to replace it – a corner that now sticks up in an annoying little point despite my best efforts to reseal it down.

Bottom line: How much do I like them? Protection-wise, GelaSkins are pretty much a non-entity. I mean, they’ll save surface scratches to the wide planes of the back of your device, but nothing to the screen as there is no screen cover. And the corners? Forget it. There is nothing about a GelaSkin that will protect the corners if you, like I’m prone to do, drop things perfectly. Also, placement is a little wonky along curved sides.

As I said eluded above, my impetus for this review was to find a really pretty alternative to the mall-kiosk cases for protecting my phone and Kindle from, well, myself and my slippery fingers. What I found was an exceptionally beautiful covering that changes the attitude and style of my devices while also offering a tiny semblance of protection from the most inconsequential of scratches.

Would I spend $25 (including shipping) for a GelaSkin? Yes, as a special treat for me – it’s worth it for the colors and style alone. Is that money better spent on a mall-kiosk carbonite-like cover? If you’re a gadget-klutz like me, probably.

If you’re interested in getting one of your own, browse for your device at http://www.gelaskins.com/. You’ll be surprised at the selection and range of devices, which includes video-game controllers and mp3 players in addition to phone, laptops, netbooks, etc.

As for me and my GelaSkin-covered Kindle ... I'm happy to say that, as long as she stays in her rubberized, padded little carrying case when I'm walking and exercizing and other things that involve movement, Kindle can keep her new duds. They totally suit her :) And, truth be told, I'll take all the help I can get.


And the winner of the Byte-Sized Superheroine Bracket is ...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 by Amber

Please excuse me for Monday’s unexpected postponement of the Superheroine Battle Royale! There was a wardrobe malfunction – busted seams and everything. Not pretty. Actually, it was really pretty, but moving on … :-P

The match-up was epic, but as you can already tell – we’ve crowned us a winner!

Miss Quinn, Miss Quinn, do you have any comment for your fans?

‘Hehehe Never go against me or my baby, Mista Jay. That gun-toting walking bra needed a lesson that powerful things come in little packages – just like me and my explosives! Kablooie!’

… is what she would say if I were writing her dialogue :-) Thank you all so much for playing with me and distracting me from the monotony of the real March Madness. It might be sacrilege to some of you, but I really don’t ‘do’ basketball.

Anyway, let’s move on! Here’s a peek at what’s going on today:

--My love affair with all things G4 hasn’t come to an end yet: AOTS host Olivia Munn is branching out while keeping those roots firmly planted in her Leia gold bikini. PS – She posed for Playboy? Really? Huh.

--My non-love affair with iPad hasn’t moved either: Looks like it’s another Apple hit, but techies are holding back. Oh, and are you having connectivity issues with yours? The fix is here.

--Not if you gave me a free ticket and a multi-million dollar life insurance plan. No.

--Ohmigosh, my nerdy-editor little heart just skipped a beat – but don’t worry, Scrabble really isn’t changing its rules. Breathe.

-Sister of mine, I found this iPad story for you. And, I mean it in the most non-snarky way possible. We only learn through being showed the facts, right?

--Only read this story on Facebook if you’re secure enough in your own browsing rationale. Otherwise, it could feel like a bucket of ice water tossed directly into your nice warm bed.

... On Friday, I’ve got a review of GelaSkins: the vinyl covers for all your best gadgets. Sneak peek: They are beautiful, but functional as protection? Umm… See you then!

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Harley Quinn v. Lara Croft: Who's the baddest bad girl?

Friday, April 2, 2010 by Amber

Is there anything better than a Boston Creme Dunkin' Donut to get your day started? Yeah, all you health nuts can balk in dissent, but that slight crust of hardened chocolate, that burst of the creamy center, the light density of the donut cake... Mmmm... Pair that with some bold espresso and some Owl City and you've got my morning.

Anyway, moving on, we've got headlines and an update on the Superheroine bracket! We're down to the final two combatants and I'm *dying* to crown the winner. And, if there is anyone who can explain some of the lyrics to the 'Ocean Eyes' CD to mean, I'd welcome your insight ...

Courtesy of DigitalTrends.com--You know what an Easter Egg is, right? ... Yeah, that's not what I meant. I mean the little hidden treasures and features secretly placed on DVDs and websites. Here is a great example: go to http://www.jkrowling.com/. That site is pretty much made of Easter Eggs -- click on the pen, or type on the cell phone, or find your own -- each little egg you find unlocks a bonus piece of content otherwise hidden to the average user.

The internet is famous for these little bits, and DVDs have gotten in on the game, too. That was a long intro to the idea of an Easter Egg, but this feature story on, if you will, the treasure maps to finding DVD Easter Eggs is worth it.

--Greenpeace has now turned its sights on cloud computing. It's a funny article, but first...

What's cloud computing? If you think of your personal desktop as the ground, and the internet as the blue sky above you, cloud computing is the act of keeping your programs, or 'desktop' somewhere in the sky -- hence, among the clouds. Facebook and Twitter are good examples of cloud computing. Why is this good? If you computer crashes, you don't lose your files; and, you can access your 'desktop' or programs from any computer with a www connection. The bad? Privacy concerns and, according to Greenpeace, it's still not good for the environment.

Sigh. Yeah, that's right, bash everything trying to help and you'll keep convincing those converts.

I'm just making myself aggravated, so let's move on the the 'Superheroine/Villainess Bracket'!

I've tallied all your votes and counted mine twice -- Hey, whose idea was this anyway? :) Pipe down! -- and here are the final two for our 'Last Chance' Round 3:

Harley Quinn v. Lara Croft! Email me your vote at ByteSized@Captivate.com NOW!

OK, let's forget all of the other match-ups that have lead to this epic battle and just take a look at our featured ladies.

On the left, we have the epitome of sass. Harley Quinn used to be a psychotherapist at Arkham Asylum -- until the day she became unnaturally obsessed with her patient, The Joker. Initially, she pined for him in a lapdog kinda way -- until she realized that she could breakout her own small band of clown-faced misfits. Of course, she still has her 'Mista Jay' on her speed dial in case she needs a late night, erm, smile fix.

So, what's she got going in this fight? First, she's a sprite -- small, fast and absolutely adorable. Weapon-wise, she has comically large guns and explosives ... you name it, Harley will try it. She's the bad girl who can make you laugh even while she's lining you up in her sights. If Hollywood were casting her for Dark Knight 3 (which they will, unless they're a bunch of MORONS), the no-brainer pick would be Reese Witherspoon.

So, does this make Lara Croft the underdog? Hardly -- and don't ever let her hear you call her that. Born into great wealth and privilege, Lara has always made her own way. She's got all the bleeding-edge tech her gajillions can buy without the entitled-bitch attitude to go with it. No matter where adventure lives, Lara will find it.

Then we have her beauty. Girlfriend has made a generation of gamer-boys (and some girls) lifelong fans with her go-on-forever legs as stocked with sleek feminine muscles as they are with guns, ammo belts and combat boots -- not even to mention her other, erm, assets.

If Harley is cute, Lara is beautiful. I mean, has there been a better casting (other then my previous idea) than Angelina Jolie? I think even Lara herself would nod in approval.

So whose got the edge -- the harlequin doll with the deadly sense of humor, or the stocked-and-stacked tomb raider? Don't forget to email me your vote now at ByteSized@Captivate.com!

Check back here Monday for the winner and the match-up recap ... oh, and I might have some headlines too ;) Have a good Easter weekend!

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