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I dreamed a dream of games gone by...

A new study has emerged from Britain that suggests people who play video games right before bed have a higher chance of being able to control what happens in their dreams.

Aside from playing 8 hours of Hexic in my sleep, I've never had this happen -- but in the real, waking world, I will occasionally see things on the side of the road and wonder what's inside if I break them, or try to open our front door with a controller. Fortunately, I've been able to resist the temptation.

But what would happen were I able to control my dreams? Hmm...

I see an adventuring party made up of me (clad in anime-style pink cloth armor, of course, and twirling daggers in my palms); Link and his 'HIIYAH!' sword are a few paces ahead. That blue archaeology chick from Mass Effect is trying to hit on Marcus Fenix, who slings exuberant expletives over his shoulder while we cross over the Hyrulian plain. Of course, there would be no bad guys (because I don't like the fighting scenes), but we would have to wrestle with some serious puzzles -- not the least of which would have the solution 'They all have apples.'

Yeah... :-)

What would your video game dreams look like? Send me your answers to ByteSized@Captivate.com and perhaps I'll post up some of my favorites on Monday.

'Till then, have a fabulous summer weekend! Oh, and btw, her name is Dr. Liara T'Soni -- I had to look it up. She is totally adorable, right?

“I dreamed a dream of games gone by...”