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E3 -- it doesn't get bigger than this

We might not be at E3, but we’ve got the news covered. Normally, I’d offer up headlines, but COME ON – it’s E3!!

G4, as you can imagine, is all over this conference. All the videos below are courtesy of them and their lights-out coverage of the annual gaming conference. And, if this isn’t enough for you, here’s the full video coverage. Sit back and enjoy!

Adam Sessler, my second favorite video game geek of all time (honey, you still take the cake) helms Feedback, a nice long feature on the highlights of the big 3 – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. There’s lots to talk about, so take it away, Adam …

I hear Nintendo *bombed* their new Zelda demo. Here’s the video … But, see if you can’t look beyond the gaff (toward the end) and check out how awesome this freaking game looks. I’ll admit it, I squealed. I mean, it’s Zelda.

Oh, and here’s the trailer for Skyward Sword!

Portal, one of my favorite games for its utter lack of combat encounters and awesome puzzles, is back, and Morgan Webb has a demo:

If you’ve got a game you want covered here at Byte-Sized, shoot me an email at ByteSized@captivate.com and I’ll take care of it!

“E3 -- it doesn't get bigger than this”