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World Cup abuzz with controversy

World Cup: Geonosis has begun!

Oh wait ... you mean the games aren't on the Outer Rim planet from Star Wars? The one with all the human-sized bees? It's in South Africa ... All that buzzing isn't the natives, it's the native horn, the vuvuzela. That explains a lot.

All kidding aside, my insides leaped and cried when the USA scored. Want to write your own caption for the goal that ended that keeper's professional life and ensured he's going to be egged forever? Click here for Captivate's newest caption.

Moving on, what's abuzz in the world of technology and pop culture this week?

--Told you we'd have it here first! Microsoft has officially renamed Project Natal as 'Kinect' -- pretty cool name, but it reminds me of those weird blocks with joints and stuff.

--I'm looking forward to Green Day Rock Band, but here's a list of the other most anticipated games for the rest of 2010.

--The Feds are looking into those hacked iPads from last week.

--My sister's apartment has become a two-iPad home. Here are some tips and tricks if you couldn't hold off either.

--Subway riders have another reason to say FML: 'A service merger means that a Manhattan station now bears the acronym of one of the Web's best-known profanities for expressing frustration.'

Off to catch some more soccer action! Head over to Captivate.com/WorldCup if you need deets on your favorite teams. 'Till Wednesday, take it easy!

“World Cup abuzz with controversy”