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Summer books and geeky movie news

We at Byte-Sized are masters of pop culture. Everything geek-tastic makes the cut, so check out these stories while you rate your own quotient of coolness.

-Movies Coming Out That We Hope Won’t Suck: ‘If it rocks, it will be like having awesome poured through your eyeballs into your brain.’ Tee Hee.

-I know I’m not the movie blog . . . but I didn’t even know they were making a fifth Indiana Jones, let alone that plot details are surfacing! PS – I am the only one who actually kinda liked the fourth one? : - )

-I am the biggest Harry Potter fan ever, so there was no way I was going to resist posting the new ‘Deathly Hallows’ trailer!!

-Are you getting seriously annoying with all the ‘new’ websites that just regurgitate the same old ideas with a bright new brand? Me too. Here’s a site that’ll make you laugh at all the fakes flooding the market.

-Got DirecTV? Yeah, and did you have a weird glitch happen to you TV earlier this week, too? Here’s why.

-What is this, ‘ruin my favorite entertainment’ day?

-I need some heartening news. Here’s some: Microsoft’s Bing search engine and Stephen Colbert raised over $100,000 for the ‘Gulf of America’ oil spill – because as Stephen says, ‘We broke it, we bought it.’

Looking for some good books to download on the Kindle (or Nook) while lounging on your beach towel? (Yeah, you can totally do that.) Check out *my* list (mostly my list) of ‘Beachy Keen’ summer beach reads!

See you all Friday!

“Summer books and geeky movie news”