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Mrs. Plante goes to Washington

Morning, everyone. Hope you all had a fabulous holiday weekend! I’m making today’s post short and sweet – I have an afternoon full of rushing around to wait ahead of me.

Lesson learned: Always make sure to have two functioning headlights in your car and proof of insurance. You never know when a Statie will try to “make an example out of you.” Sigh.

Regardless, moving on, back to regularly scheduled programming …

-Apple announced the iPad has topped 2 million sold since its launch.

-More good news on the Gulf oil spill. (Note: If you don’t click on this link, I understand. I didn’t read the story either. I’m too depressed/angry/helpless over the whole thing.)

-Google, whose company up until this point ironically ran on Microsoft’s Windows, has decided to dump cet OS due to security holes. My opinion? Secure your infrastructure, Google, and perhaps you won’t need to rely on an OS alone. That’s what anti-virus, firewalls, etc., are made for. Dummies.*

-Do you work for HP? Yeah, you’d better double check that.

-Guillermo del Toro has officially stepped down as director for the two Lord of the Rings prequels planned around The Hobbit. He’ll stay on to help producers Peter Jackson (who should just be a man and direct the movies already), Phillipa Boyens and Fran Walsh finish writing the scripts.

-I don’t care if they put movies on a USB and sell them for $5 each – I’m not making another switch away from Blu-Ray for at least another 10 years. Suck it up, people, you chose this substandard format over HD-DVD.

-Oh, gawd. I think I’m going to faint. Or puke. Or something that involves my utter astonishment that this story ever needed to be written. Crave, you’re better than this.

OK, that’s all from me for the day. I’ve got my fancy duds on for my date with the local district court. Wish me luck v. the man!

*Remember: I was a security expert in anotha life, brotha.

“Mrs. Plante goes to Washington”