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E3 demos galore!

Weekend! Woot!

--No more ties or cologne or ‘car wash’-themed gift baskets -- get Dad a cool gadget for Father’s Day.

--Oh NO. This doesn’t bode well.

--We all know someone we want to send this article to … and if you don’t, well, then that person is YOU.

--World Cup: Geonosis has made another enemy: Geeks of the world are uniting against the grating vuvuzelas. Do you all have *nothing* to do? Really? Even with E3 going on?

--Speaking of E3 … here are some more game deoms to check out, again courtesy of G4!

Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Do you remember Castlevania? Here’s the revamp!

See you all Monday : - )

“E3 demos galore!”