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Previously on LOST

Just on my drive in this morning, I was upset twice about LOST. Here’s the thing: There are going to be thousands of reviews this morning full of people calling shenanigans on Lindeloff and Cuse. This is not one of them. Frankly, I don’t know what the eff those naysayers were watching, because whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t the most perfect ending to television’s most perfect show ever.

*** SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading NOW if you haven’t watched it yet. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s experience – the crying and gasping and chest-clutching moments I had while I watched. Really, I’m not making this up. Go watch, then meet me back here! ***

Back to my ride in: Husband didn’t like how the arc of the show didn’t feature the Island’s story more. But, LOST was never really about the Island at all, was it? This show’s brilliance (and to some, it’s ultimate downfall) was it’s focus on the relationships. The survivors of Oceanic 815 were lost before they even got to the Island. The Island helped them find themselves and each other.

That the Island had mysterious electromagnetic properties that fostered time travel, polar bears, undead smoke monsters (because the Man in Black never was *dead* because Jacob wasn’t allowed to kill him. Anyway, more on that in a sec) was always just a side story to these people.

‘But didn’t that Ben guy kill people? Wasn’t he a murderer?’ Of course, but LOST isn’t about good and bad, or black and white. It’s about all the shades of gray that exist in between. Everyone had a reason behind the good things and the bad things they did in their lives both on and off the Island.

‘LOST’s ending was worse than Seinfeld’s.’ Before my shaking hand could even turn my radio dial off that blasphemous comment, I gave it a moment’s thought. What about the ending do people not understand? The Island was always a mystery, and the people were the central theme of everything. It only makes sense the creators left the Island a mystery at the end. We don’t need to know what happened – that was never the important part. It was the cool, theory-inducing hook that brought us all to the ‘Net to discuss seconds after an episode, but the Island was meant to stay a mystery because, in the end, it wasn’t important.

Let’s talk for a minute about the Man in Black: Mother said he and Jacob couldn’t hurt each other – and this is why MiB couldn’t kill Jacob to leave the Island. So, it stands to reason that Jacob couldn’t kill him either. So, what happened in the light cave after MiB’s unconscious body floated downstream? The light turned him into the unkillable Smoke Monster. And, Jack knew this, which is why he let Desmond uncork the evil. He needed to disrupt the flow of energy and rewrite the rules, so to speak. Once the cork was yanked out, MiB could be killed. It was all a set up – Jack knew what was going to happen.

And, speaking of Jack and the MiB, I offer this theory to you, Losties: Who is Jack’s son? Why does Jack need to have a son in the sideways timeline? I proffer this was the Man in Black, finally off the island. I’ll bet his name is David.

See, isn’t that amazing? The show is done, and yet I still have a theory about it!

For those of you still confused about what Christian meant in the church (and, trust me, it took a night of tossing and turning for me to work it out, too), here’s the deal:

Everything that happened on the Island was real. Oceanic 815 really did crash. The survivors really did get off the Island. Jacob and Smokey and Ben – they were all real. Christian explained that they had all died, some before Jack (Boone, Sayid, Locke), some much, much later than Jack (Hurley, Kate, Claire, Sawyer, Ben). How? Does it really matter? What does matter is that all these people needed each other.

And, in death, after all of the events on the Island in the timeline, they created this place between the real world and the afterlife where the could all find each other again as if the plane crash had never happened. So, you see, they wouldn’t remember each other. They were all like reincarnated soul mates playing a game whether they could find each other again even without the Island bringing them together. And, the answer was yes.

Brilliant end to a brilliant show, I say. Thank you, LOST, for being awesome and for making me think even as your curtain closed. You’ve rocked my world for 6 years.

OH, and before I conclude, I need to give a few nods to Target for some hysterical ads during the finale. I hate commercials, but I do appreciate clever marketing and that smoke detector had me on the floor laughing. And, a nod to the ‘Final Transmissions’ from Verizon. ‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, 4 8 15 16 23 42’ was fabulous. Loved reading everyone’s thoughts in the pre-game!

“Previously on LOST”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    Personally I think Ben is now the island protector.
    Ben probably duped Harley and is now on the island alone. That's why he did not enter the church. You just can look at it so many ways. I am a little bummed out for sure but this cheered me up. A Brooklyn band called Previously on Lost http://www.itsasickness.com/lounge/adam-and-jeff-are-obsessed-lost. These guys have been recapping episodes though there music. There tunes are a great way to revisit old episodes and get a laugh in as well.